Stand 21 FHR (HANS Clips) FIA 8858-2010 Black

Stand 21 FHR (HANS Clips) FIA 8858-2010 Black

£40.00 inc VAT


These Stand 21 FIA 8858-2010 FHR (HANS) clips are manufactured to fit Snell SA2010 and SA2015 helmets that are also approved for use with the HANS device to the latest FIA 8859 and earlier FIA 8858-2010 standard. This is for a pair of clips to suit one helmet.

These ultra high quality FHR clip kits are designed to fit into pre-drilled helmets with the nut/washer already inserted into the helmet. These are compatible with all brands of helmet that are approved to the standards listed above and are pre-drilled.

Please note that these kits are not compatible with earlier helmets such as those approved to Snell SA2000 or SA2005 and would not be legal to do so.

Available only in Black at this amazing price!